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It all started with...

the simple idea that the objects around us shape our actions more than we care to admit. We wanted to demonstrate how even the most mundane, casual object that we neglect to think about can be replaced and change our actions for the better. This is how, long before the brand came to be, the collaborative campaign of Bag for Change was created with Dapit, to start the conversation about a more mindful way of thinking when shopping.

Bag for Change was well received by the public and from there came the idea of Be For Change. As a brand, it stands for creating change both at the supply chain and end user side of its products: firstly by ensuring the sustainable and ethical production of goods, and secondly by designing products which are elegant, long-lasting and a reminder to be considerate in everyday choices.



It's been over a year since we introduced Be For Change to the public, we are slowly growing and looking for new challenges.

We have introduced OneAware, a lifestyle magazine exploring what it means to live mindfully as millennials, diving into the diversity that makes this generation so spectacular and the sustainable habits that we hope are a part of our future.



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the team

Ana carneiro

founder, designer and editor

cláudia vasconcelos

head of community engagement