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Be For Change & EcoACTIVE: let's educate for sustainable living!

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Hello! In this week's post we are making an exciting announcement...

As a business committed to making the world a more sustainable place, it has always been our aim to partner with other organizations to extend the reach of what we can do. We are finally taking action in a direction which has long been on our minds: we're committing to donate a part of our profits to a charity that shares our mission and values! That charity is the London-based EcoACTIVE!




What is EcoActive and what do they do?

EcoActice is a non-profit organisation based in the London Borough of Hackney, with the mission to

"educate and inform young people, families and communities to live and work sustainably"  - EcoACTIVE                                                                                                                

The largest part  of ecoACTIVE's work are the projects carried out in schools in the London Borough of Hackney. EcoACTIVE offers workshops and carries out other projects that overlap and complement the curriculum in school. They explore themes such as waste, recycling, composting, and energy - all of which tie into the larger and urgent issue of climate change. 

EcoACTIVE also organises community projects and have worked with local councils, church groups and other organisations to help them achieve their sustainability goals. 

By working with young people as well as adults, and spread awareness of how small everyday things can be made more sustainable, they change the mentality of families and slowly of the communities they are a part of. In this cycle, family members influence each other's behaviours, triggering what we hope to be a cascade of positive and sustainable changes.

In a city as large as London, it is not always easy to see what positive impact we can have, and it is easy to feel as if our individual efforts are too small to make a difference at large. By engaging with specific communities, people get to experience the difference they can make when they are part of a group working towards the same goals. From reducing their waste to maintaining community gardens, EcoACTIVE is making it easier and more enjoyable for the communities it works with to care for Nature.


Picture from one of their programes WASTE PREVENTION PROGRAMME 2017-2018 

Picture from one of their programes WASTE PREVENTION PROGRAMME 2017-2018 

be for change & ecoactive

Be For Change stands for a change in how we approach life and this has been an ongoing message that we try to communicate in everything we do.

Through education from an early age, we can influence the lifestyles of the next generations - making environmental education an increasingly relevant subject today. Traditional education plays a role in shaping what we see as of importance in the world, and when it comes to sustainability we believe it is important to deliver both information and a practical understanding of how the world works and our part in it. EcoACTIVE does just that!

EcoACTIVE empowers younger generations and adults to become part of the solution, which is why Be For Change is excited to help them pursue their goals. Starting 10th of August, we'll be donating 2.5% of the value of each purchase (prior to tax) to EcoACTIVE. That represents 50p to 60p of each Bag For Change purchase! We'll also be volunteering with the charity at some of their events from September onward - if you are London-based, you can sign-up to be volunteer there too! (check this) And to kick-start this collaboration with a bang, we're auctioning a unique Bag For Change to the charity!!!

This beauty of a bag, modeled here by Lottie from Into The Eco, will be auctioned next week! This post will be updated with more information about our Bag For Change auction - or you can sign up for our newsletter and receive the information straight to your inbox!

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If you want to find out more about ecoACTIVE check out their website in the link below

Hope you as excited as we are!