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On starting a magazine

OneAware MagazineAna CarneiroComment

How does one go about starting a magazine?

This is a question I've pondered often in the past few months. I think one writes a plan and a pitch, gathers a few initial sponsors, puts together a team, searches for content, then one convinces advertisers to associate themselves with such content as means of paying for it, one designs and edits until there is some rhythm to the rhyme, and finally one puts it out for sale, hoping it will gather enough attention to reassure advertisers their products are being successfully marketed (so the whole cycle can repeat itself until there are enough companies paying to advert and there is profit).

That's how I imagine it to go.

But I don't really know, because that's not how I'm doing it.

To begin with, I'm not really (or at all) interested in starting a publication that is half-filled with advertisement, especially the kind that is of no value to the readers.

Secondly, maybe because I'm a designer, I feel strongly about making this magazine a useful product, a meaningful collection of selected work which has a reason to exist (other than mindless entertainment).

And what would that reason be?

To contemplate and celebrate Life, as it is, and as we want it to be.

I'm sure that Life as we want it to be varies wildly in the details for most of us (and those differences should be celebrated too) but above all, I want to celebrate the words, artwork and lifestyles which reveal the values of a generation. Values such as Freedom, Equality, Individuality, and Sustainability.

I don't believe we need to make sacrifices to align our actions and lives with our values, for any changes we decide to make ourselves aren't really seen that way. I do believe that the process of uncovering our values and creating this change will require consideration, intentionality, and, above all, the strength to act according to what we feel passionate about. A strength which surely comes easier when the battles are shared, and so I hope you'll join me in them, and effectively help create change as we go along living.

So let's all quit our search for perfection and seek to do our best, whatever that may be at any given point. Let's talk about values, honestly and openly, and discuss how to incorporate them in our lives and take a stand. Let's accept, once and for all, that living mindfully and intentionally takes effort and that bad days won't magically disappear. And finally, let's celebrate and support the effort and thought that so many people within our generation are putting into their work and creative pursuits. And just so the world knows the importance of this imperfect path we're on, let's take the time to curate some of its moments and put them in print.

That's how I'm starting a magazine. By contemplating and celebrating Life. Mine, Yours, and of those who care to join us.


(PS: Yes, I've already been told that depending on other people to make a business work is bad advice. I'd still rather depend on other people instead of corporate money. Thank you very much.)

(PPS: On that note, it would be wonderful if you could send this to some of your friends and loved ones so this message gathers some momentum, maybe even make a tiny wave for us to surf? Yep, that would be nice.)