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What kind of publication is One Aware magazine?

A lifestyle publication. It is based on the predicament that The Things That Matter Take Time to Create, and as such it explores Art, Design, Businesses and Relationships which have been created and nurtured into existence with that belief. It is for the most part made by and aimed at Millennials.


Why is One Aware a print publication?

We want to invite people to step away from their frenetic lives and slow down, and most of the time that includes stepping away from screens. A printed magazine, as an object, nudges the user into a different interaction: there is romance in slowly opening it for the first time, feeling the grain of the paper and noticing the soft curves created by the binding. Images on print ask to be contemplated and make one dream while softly gazing elsewhere; text is available at a glance in its entirety, communicating it is important enough to take up that space, letting the reader go back and forth at will until an idea has been fully weighed and understood. Maybe these are romantic ideas, and we're fine with that.


Is it sustainable to print a magazine?

This is something we struggled with initially, but, for all the reasons mentioned in the previous question, we knew the concept was best suited to a print format. So we've made it sustainable to print a magazine. Distribution of the magazine is mostly done in and around London, and luckily for us, the most sustainable printers of the UK are nearby. Pureprint is an award winning print and marketing solutions provider, priding themselves on their environmental management system, innovative and trademarked enviro-friendly printing technology, and on becoming the first certified carbon neutral printers in the world. You can read more about their sustainability here. We've also worked hard to insure that the magazine is something you'll want to keep, but we understand that you might just want access to read it and would consider throwing it away wasteful. That is why we're working on a 'Pass it Forward' service, where you'll pay a fraction of the price and receive a magazine which has been previously read.


How is One Aware being funded?

At the moment, One Aware is a self-funded magazine. If that changes, this information will be updated.


Are submissions open to everyone?

Submissions are open internationally, however this is a magazine made by Millennials for Millennials, and as such submissions by this generation will be prioritized. The only other judging criteria which applies is the merit of the work submitted, which is why we do not ask for any background information to be submitted.


This post will continue to be updated as needed.

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On starting a magazine

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Secondly, maybe because I'm a designer, I feel strongly about making this magazine a useful product, a meaningful collection of selected work which has a reason to exist (other than mindless entertainment).

And what would that reason be?

To contemplate and celebrate Life, as it is, and as we want it to be.


Bag For Change, OneAware MagazineAna CarneiroComment


Back in November BE FOR CHANGE hosted a small event. I have since tried to write about it, and failed miserably! Somehow my narration of the night was completely missing the spot. It wasn't until I revisited the photos this week, after the most recent world events (in particular the Women's Rights March and the No Ban, No Wall protests), that the importance of this Friends*Family gathering hit me right in the face: that all these people who have crossed my path at different stages, coming from all corners of the globe, were on that night united to support a cause. BE FOR CHANGE simply wouldn't be the same without their input, their opinions, their diverse points of views.

Surrounded by this loving support group, I felt hopeful and powerful and ready to move forward - not in the way people say when they suggest you 'move on', but forward as in that together it's possible to create real change.

On that night I disclosed to some of these people the next project BFC is embarking on: Honestly Magazine. Honestly Magazine aims to be a safe space where the voices of Millenials and Generation Z can be heard, a platform for original creative work which explores what it means to live intentionally and mindfully in our age. It will be about providing inspiration and exploring what makes life beautiful even when complicated and challenging.

This idea was dear to me to begin with, and it feels increasingly relevant with each passing day. We will be launching a free first edition in June. We are now a small group of people working on making this vision real - if you'd like to support this project you can read more here and drop us a line! Another great way of supporting our work is to share it through social media so it reaches more people who might be interested!

Do leave us your opinions, we really look forward to reading them :)

Photography by Aleksandr Lugin