We design and develop timeless products with a sustainable story behind and ahead of them

Whatever we do, we think about the history and future of each product. This means thinking about every aspect of the design, production and presentation of a product - great photography and storytelling included.

We have a hands-on-approach to creation, meaning that you'll see more drawings and mock-up models going your way than clean CAD renders. It's what helps us think and then understand a product and each material, a central part of designing something made to last.


At the moment we are looking for:

- individuals or companies of any size willing to make their stock or left-over materials available to us

- manufacturers who wish to make their products more sustainable

- craftsmen/women looking to have their products redesigned, their stories told and to reach our growing online audience

- writers, photographers and artists interested in submitting work to OneAware magazine

- brands and companies with values aligned to our interested in sponsoring OneAware

- guest-writers for our blog on the themes of creative collaboration, responsible consumerism and sustainability


Please e-mail: hello@be-for-change.com


If you have something different in mind, send us your idea of our perfect collaboration via e-mail - we are always keen to hear from you and welcome new partnerships!