Be For Change


The Be For Change Manifesto

To guide us in our mission to create quality products and resources that support you to live your most sustainable life, we've put together a short manifesto.

At Be For Change, we pledge to:

  • create for the mindful, kind world that we want to live in
  • create using the minimum amount of resources, where possible upcycling materials and, when not possible, using recycled alternatives
  • be mindful of the health of our planet and bodies in our choice of products, materials and client projects
  • be mindful of the environmental impact of packaging and transportation, reducing these when possible and otherwise seeking the most environmentally friendly alternatives available to us
  • remain plastic free
  • support other creatives and companies with sustainability at the forefront of their work
  • support the individuals and non-profits who are committed to creating a better, brighter and fairer future - both through ethical design and by spreading the messages relevant to our shared causes
  • always work with makers who are being paid fairly for their work or companies who are ethical employers paying a fair wage to their employees
  • create the minimal amount possible of waste, re-using, recycling or rotting our own waste when possible