Be For Change

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One Aware explores what it means to live mindfully today

Our new endeavor is a print magazine that invites you to stop and wonder, to get up close and personal, asking all of the intimate questions for which there are only answers deep inside you.

This magazine has been created to explore our journeys towards a more mindful and sustainable future. In each issue of One Aware the contributors will share thoughts on life and well-being, their struggles, and how they deal with them. It is our hope to inspire you to embark on your journey towards awareness. Our ethos is to design and curate a magazine that is free from clutter. We have avoided gender-marketed content that tries to tell you what you'll find or feel on your journey, because that journey is, well, yours!

For issue 002 - Origins, we challenged our contributors to write about the origins of what is dear to them, from the changing habits of our generation, to life itself; from one's personality, to our plastic pollution crisis. We sit down to discuss how the news of a small but inoperable brain tumour sets in motion a number of changes in how someone approaches life. We talk about being shaped by the way others perceive you; and communicating emotion through music. In this issue's art features, we explore how the birthplace of a piece of art impacts its subject and relationship with its audience, firstly in street art with renowned artist Vhils, and secondly by the use of self-made supplies with Emily Tapp.