INtroducing ONE AWARE magazine

“Magazine - a periodical containing miscellaneous pieces and often illustrated” (Miriam-Webster Dictionary)

A magazine is often perceived in a less serious light than a newspaper, and containing articles of different lengths and photographic essays makes it easier for people to casually pick it up. A magazine lends itself to downtime, to journeys, to casual coffee stops and slow Sundays at home.

We want to create an immersive experience which invites our readers to slow down, to breathe and contemplate the work of others, the many and different ways in which people find balance, the variety in points of view that makes our beautiful world. And then we want to show that living sustainably doesn’t mean being deprived of the things one likes, but rather enjoying them in a more conscious and mindful manner which actually adds meaning to our lives. We believe that focusing on all aspects of what we consume and create is the best way of changing the current pattern of consumerism and search for meaning in the wrong places.


We believe in nurturing our relationship with our audience. We’ll rely on you to choose the topics addressed and ask you to submit original work pertinent to those. We want you to read and discover about the topics that matter to you.
We hope to give anyone who has been working “in the shadows” or “waiting to be discovered” a platform to show their work, we'll pick our features while allowing them to gain support and the confidence to submit work to bigger publications or exhibitions. We won’t be giving our audience “10 steps to…”, we rather celebrate the many different ways people have achieved their goals and sustainable lifestyles, inspiring our readers to create their own path.


we are currently looking for contributors

Are you an artist, a maker or an entrepreneur interested in mindfulness and/or sustainability? Do you have something to say? Then there's a really good chance that we'd like to include you in our print magazine!

Here's all you need to know about submitting your work