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One Aware explores what it means to live mindfully today

Our new endeavor is a print magazine that invites you to stop and wonder, to get up close and personal, asking all of the intimate questions for which there are only answers deep inside you.

This magazine has been created to explore our journeys towards a more mindful and sustainable future. In each issue of One Aware the contributors will share thoughts on life and well-being, their struggles, and how they deal with them. It is our hope to inspire you to embark on your journey towards awareness. Our ethos is to design and curate a magazine that is free from clutter. We have avoided gender-marketed content that tries to tell you what you'll find or feel on your journey, because that journey is, well, yours!

For issue 001, our contributors were challenged to look inwards and share why they act in the way they do. From mundane spur of the moment purchases, to the irresistible calling to move; from the urge to light a cigarette, to the angry impulse to be violent - our contributors have made themselves vulnerable and opened up about what makes them so uniquely who they are.


Is your print magazine sustainable?

Print magazines got a bad rep in the past few years when it comes to sustainability. We fully acknowledge this and worked to make One Aware as sustainable as possible. We have addressed all of the most common issues within publication (plastic coated paper, harsh chemical glues, toxic inks and air miles).

One Aware is:

- printed in uncoated paper from mixed recycled and FSC certified sources, meaning it doesn't have any plastic in it
- stapled to avoid using glue
- vegan, completely recyclable and compostable
- printed just outside of London to reduce its travel miles, at Pureprint: an award winning printer for their sustainability and the first certified carbon neutral printing company


stories from Lesvos: make a difference for refugees

In this issue, the article 'A father, a little girl and a boy older than me: Stories from Lesvos' delves into the refugee crisis and calls for us to act in a humane way.

It's easy to feel too small in the face of crisis, and especially in the face of people fleeing their homes, struggling to find safe harbour, and ultimately being unable to return to the lives they used to know. It's easy, in such situations, to feel too small to make a difference, tempted to look the other way. Unfortunately, ignoring problems doesn't make them go away; instead, it allows the perpetrators of crime and chaos to carry on doing what they are doing.

We have therefore put together a page with information on what is happening, and how to help.


There's more

You can become a contributor or submit your work to our next issue, themed Origins. Read more about contributing to One Aware.

Visit our blog to read Why I Started A Magazine, Why the Magazine Changed Names and The First Editor's Letter

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