Be For Change

The Roots of Be For Change

Be For Change started with the simple idea that the objects around us shape our actions more than we care to admit. We wanted to demonstrate how even the most mundane, casual object that we neglect to think about can be replaced and change our actions for the better. This is how, long before the brand came to be, the collaborative campaign of Bag for Change was created with The Materials Hub and Dapit, with the intention of creating a more mindful way of thinking when it was time to shop. 

Now, the brand stands for creating change both at the supply chain and end user side of its products: firstly by ensuring the sustainable and ethical production of goods, and secondly by designing products which are elegant, long-lasting and a reminder to be considerate in everyday choices.


Our Vision

We want to create a strong network of people who share the same values, happy to work together on creating a sustainable future. Our vision is to connect people of different talents, companies of all sizes and final consumers, in an effort to make the most out of the materials and infrastructures already in existence and minimising waste. 

We aim to be facilitators of successful collaborations, storytellers of products' stories and educators of the consumers which will shape the world.

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A note from the founder

   Growing up, I remember being cautiously told  Waste not, Want not. These words sounded true coming from a humble family of hard-working people, but I dreamt of much and more and envisioned my ideal lifestyle to be filled with all the elegant trimmings that told the tale of a good life. At the time, I couldn't imagine downsizing on the amount of things I owned or thinking a second and third time about buying an item I could afford. But fast-forward into my twenties and that is exactly the journey I'm on.

   Having some years ago adopted a mindset of quality over quantity, I am now committed to owning only that which adds real value to my life and, if possible, not at the cost of our planet. Which is why I wouldn't dream of offering you anything I wouldn't buy myself.

Ana Carneiro