Upcycled Leather Coasters

Upcycled Leather Coasters


Sold in groups of 5

Coasters cut from leather waste, hand-sanded, with traditionally fire-sealed cut edges. Edges might include cut details from its previous use, as shown in the pictures. These coaster are soft and malleable, lightweight and easy to clean with just a wet cloth. The swede on the reverse gives them a non-slip surface, while the leather front is water-repellent.

This leather comes from the automotive industry and has been tested to meet the highest automotive health and safety standards, meaning it is very chemically stable. It is safe to be in close contact with children and pets, however we recommend that you keep them away from either - it is not meant to be chewed on or otherwise used as a toy.

Being a natural material, colour may change over time and/or be affected by exposure to sun light, acids and/or chemicals (namely, non-diluted cleaning agents).

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