One Aware 001 & 002

One Aware 001 & 002

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Discover One Aware magazine through our first two issues, Impulses and Origins

Issue 001 - Impulses challenged our contributors to take a deep look inside themselves and share why they act in the way they do. From mundane spur of the moment purchases, to the irresistible calling to move; from the urge to light a cigarette, to the angry impulse to be violent - writers and artists have made themselves vulnerable and opened up about what makes them so uniquely who they are.

Issue 002 - Origins challenged our contributors to write about the origins of what is dear to them, from the changing habits of our generation, to life itself; from one's personality, to our plastic pollution crisis. We sit down to discuss how the news of a small but inoperable brain tumour sets in motion a number of changes in how someone approaches life. We talk about being shaped by the way others perceive you; and communicating emotion through music. In this issue's art features, we explore how the birthplace of a piece of art impacts its subject and relationship with its audience, firstly in street art with renowned artist Vhils, and secondly by the use of self-made supplies with Emily Tapp.

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