One Aware mag - pass it on service

One Aware mag - pass it on service


Introducing our Pass It On service: receive a pre-loved copy of our latest magazine for just £2, and mail it to the next person when you finish reading it.

I love reading things which are personal and unique, and writing by hand. I also love connecting with other people and the slow movement, and so unsurprisingly I'm a fan of snail mail! Taking the time to read someone's notes and reflections, and replying with care and intention simply makes me smile. You never know when the next letter will arrive, and that is partially the beauty of it.
Combine this with my desire to gather around One Aware a community of people interested in mindful living and sustainability, and passing a copy along to the next person seems to makes sense! If you're a minimalist or you prefer the romantic notion of a copy made personal, this is the magazine for you. One copy can come to life multiple times in the hands of different people, each time becoming that little bit more unique as people leave handwritten notes in it.

Instead of paying postage, the magazine is sent to you for free and you pay when it is time for you to send it to the next person. Sometime after you've made your order, you'll receive an email notifying you if there are other readers in queue before you and the first name/address of the person you'll send that copy to. Please reply by email when you've sent your copy out. If you haven't received a name by the time you're finished reading, please get in touch. If no orders have been made up to that point, you can either keep the magazine for a while longer, pass it on to someone you know or return it to Be For Change.

In preparation to sending it to the next person, I suggest using a sticker or otherwise removing the previous name from the box before sending it out.


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