Be For Change

Image Credits, centre and then clockwise: Veja; Codi Ann Thomsen; David Sneider; 1924; Connor Lynch Woodturning; 1924

Image Credits, centre and then clockwise: Veja; Codi Ann Thomsen; David Sneider; 1924; Connor Lynch Woodturning; 1924

Submit work for one aware mag

We are currently searching for content for One Aware Magazine

Our second issue has Origins as its theme. In it we will explore where our ways of thinking and acting come from, looking into what unites us and in what ways we're unique. We'll delve into the origin of our moods, personalities, trends and goods - in what promises to be our largest issue yet. You can read more about Origins in advance to this issue in our blog.

We believe in always putting our best foot forward, but we also want everything that goes into One Aware to be honest. That means selecting quality work, but that doesn't mean it needs to be perfect - in fact, a certain raw and unpolished look is often more natural and easier to relate to. Let your words ring true and your photos depict reality, we're all about accepting things as they are.

At One Aware we highly value Sustainability, Intentionality and Balance. If your work has an element of any of these, highlighting it will improve your chances of being featured.


Here's how:

Send an e-mail to with the subject 'SUBMISSION - type of entry' (ex. 'SUBMISSION - PHOTOGRAPHY')

In the e-mail, you must include: name, age, and a general description of the work you do (max 50 words) + attachment of the original work you are submitting.

Please respect the submission guidelines which follow. Feel free to get in touch ahead of the deadline with ideas and/or unfinished work that you would like reviewed.

Submissions close on the 16th of February, at 23.59 GMT.


Written work

A great article will find the balance between an informal conversation and a formal essay. It captures the attention of the reader, it paints a vivid image, it flows as it progresses. Your submission can be written in any format, get creative with personal reflections, fictional prose or inspired poetry.

If you reference any other work, please make sure to include the references. If you submit an interview, make sure to include the contact details of the interviewee.

500 to 2500 words (title and references don't count)

PDF format



Minimum 5 and Maximum 12 photos per submission

Each photo file no larger than 700KB, max dimensions 2000x2000, JPEG format

We encourage you to submit a short text (max 200 words, in PDF) explaining how these photos relate to the themes we are exploring.

If your work is chosen you'll be contacted and asked to submit the chosen photos in higher resolution and with the correct colour profile for either print or online publishing.


Artwork & Design

You can also submit a text and photos of work you've produced which is in other formats, such as paintings, sculpture, performance art, design, products of your own making, etc. Please submit a brief explanation of your work and how it relates to our theme/audience.

Max 500 words - PDF format

Max 5 photos (same format and size as for Photography)


The best submissions will go into our second print issue, to be released by April. Other remarkable submissions will be published in our blog section.

If your work is chosen to be published we will contact you again, at which time you'll be asked to confirm your ownership over the work submitted and giving us permission to publish it. In the case of interviews, the interviewee also needs to sign one such document, so do make sure they expect to be contacted and can be reached.

If at any point you wish to withdraw your submission, please forward your original email to us with subject 'SUBMISSION - type of entry - CANCEL'.